Trulli Design 

 is a Residential & Hotel Interior design firm in the UK. We are a team of professional, energetic individual’s with talented designers and experienced managers available to guide our client’s through the flawless and timely execution of any Residential or Hotel design project.   Our interior designers take pride in creating luxurious and innovative interiors that have a very intimate connection to our clients.  We understand each project we begin has specific needs, budgets and a level of quality with the work involved.   We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in the design field to walk our clients through the process of interior remodeling, new construction and interior finishing with exceptional customer service.   The company specializes in both contemporary and classical Interiors and has a wealth of experience and expertise designing interiors in the UK and abroad including Residential projects, Hotels, Offices, Showhome's and Leisure facilities. 

How our Interior Design process works



Step 1: Concept Creation

The first part of the interior design process  always starts with a concept. It is here that we create an agreed upon flow to your space. 

Step 2: Design Development

After a concept is established, your project’s team develops the scope of your space further by developing the  design features and selecting material finishes, plumbing fixtures, lighting, furniture and accessories. This is also the phase where we work closely with an architect to develop your construction Documents, including all RCP, Plumbing and Electrical plans. 

Step 3: Selections

After establishing the first layer of materials and features in your interior, we develop ideas and presentations regarding furniture, lighting, and accessories. In addition to our in studio presentations, we also schedule meetings at local showrooms to view the proposed furniture in store. 

Step 4: Planning and Specifications

When the design and selections of your interior have been approved by you, the implementation process of the design begins. We prepare specification outlining in detail the intent of the design, as well as interior plans for General Contractors and sub-contractors to begin quoting the scope of work. We review these specifications with you to ensure all function needs are delineated. 




Step 5: Construction

Now here’s the fun part! After all design has been solidified and materials have been ordered, we break ground and begin building. We work very closely with our General Contractor to ensure all flooring, tiles, plumbing and electrical items get installed per plan, functions correctly and looks beautiful. 

Step 6: Procurement

At Trulli Design every project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager. This person is responsible for ensuring a flawless and timely execution of your Interiors construction and turnover. We are basically “on call” to make daily, weekly and monthly site visits and work very closely with all of our  trades and sub contractors during the project’s partnership. Among construction management, your Project Manager is also responsible for your project’s accounting, finances and purchasing. 

Step 7: Project Turnover

Also know as “The Big Reveal!” During a project’s turnover, we don’t count on getting much sleep this week. This is a crucial turning point in the project as every last detail is solidified. During this time we all pull together and take on certain tasks: shopping for accessories, wrapping up any last minute touch ups with our carpenters, moving in all of your brand new furniture with great care, cleaning and hanging every last piece of wall art. After your new Interior is perfectly staged, we take professional photographs and then walk you through the big reveal. A very exciting and emotional day to look forward to!


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